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PRODUCT : Indian Shallot/ Sambar Onion

We are more than 50 years of forming Shallot Onion and doing business for domestic area. The Shallot may resemble the taste of onion but mildes and sweetes in flavour. Distinctirely from onion, shallot may taste with a hint of garlic. Shallot Onion contain flavonoids, a type of antioxidant found in fruits and vegetables that helps product the body and may reduce the risk of developing cancer, heart disease and diabetes. Shallot Onion also have more health benefit and contain more protein, vitamins and minerals.

Product Specification

Color Red
Origin Tamilnadu, India
Size Small & Medium
Packing 5,10,25 KG Mesh & Jute Bags
Unit Price Per Ton
Pricing Terms FOB,CNF,CIF
Payment Terms Advance payment,L/C through confirmed, irrevocable, without recourse L/C.
Origin from Central Asia Southest Asia and Central Asia
Protein 1.1G in 100G 2.5G in 100G
Fat 0.1G in 100G 0.1G in 100G
Carbohydrate 9.35G in 100G 16.8G in 100G
Calories 40 Calories in 100G 72 Calories in 100G
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