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Sesame is one of the oldest Oil seed crop known to the world. They have been in cultivation from more than 3000 years. Today, India is one of the largest producer and exporter of Sesame seeds.

Sesamol is a natural organic compound which is a component of sesame seeds and sesame oil. This component protects the DNA from getting damaged during chemotherapy. Sesame seeds have one of the highest oil percentages. These are also the highly consumed seeds across the globe & are used by every culture & cuisine.

Organic Products India are sesame seeds exporters, manufacturers and suppliers of high quality natural sesame seeds throughout the world.

Black Sesame Seeds

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FRESH VEG EXPORTS offers Hulled and UnHulled Sesame Seeds for Black, White and Brown Color. This product is also used in bakery and confectionery industries. We supply Hulled/UnHulled Sesame Seeds in quality packaging to protect from sunlight, dust, and water, thus ensuring longer shelf life. Hulled Sesame Seeds also has an application for creamy sweet wholesome paste called Tahini. They are rich in Iron, Proteins, Calcium, Potassium, Phosphorous, and Vitamin B & E. They also neither contain two rare amino acids nor present in vegetable proteins. All these beneficial properties add up to make them a single & wholesome source of health.

Place of Origin India, Tamil nadu
Style Natural
Moisture 6% Max
FFA 2% Max
Purity 99 %
Damaged 1% and 2% Max
Oil Content 49% Min
Colour Black, Brown & White
Feature Natural (non hulled) and hulled
Cultivation Type Organic
Packing Details PP Bag (or) Multiwall Paper for 25, 50 KG (or) As per Customer requirement
Delivery Time 10 To 15 Days
Payment term T/T (or) L/C

Health Benefit:

Sesame oil contains antioxidants which triggers hair growth when applied topically. It also has anti-ageing properties and is good for the skin. It also has anti-bacterial properties which improves oral health and even boosts bone health owing to its abundant wealth of Zinc, Calcium and Phosphorous. It is also said to prevent infertility in men. It also protects DNA cells during chemotherapy.

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